Threatened & Endangered: Little Applegate Valley

        Usually we write directly to the BLM about the lands they manage. Other times we write to politicians, submit letters to the editor and opinion pieces, write to family and friends. Now we post to Facebook, tweet on Twitter, and view on YouTube. The threats are so dire this time around, that we all must utilize every form of communication we can to advocate for the conservation and restoration of the ecological integrity of our beloved Little Applegate.

        So, share this website on your Facebook page, tweet to spread the word, go for a filming hike in the proposed Dakubetede Wilderness and post highlights on YouTube. Tell your friends, family, and colleagues how you feel about the threats and encourage them to get involved.

        Take time now to compose your letter to send to our US Senators Wyden and Merkley, and to other politicians from county commissioners to the governor, especially if you have a personal or professional connection. You could even write to our congressmen DeFazio and Walden and unload some of your "displeasure" about their O&C Trust bill.

        So, chase procrastination out the door and saddle up to your keyboard of choice; or if you're an old-timer, take out your pocket knife and whittle that pencil stub out to a sharp point aimed at a blank piece of paper. Here's some pointers aimed at writing an effective letter.

1. Introduce yourself. Write about who you are, what you do, and what you like about living in or visiting the Little Applegate and greater Applegate, especially regarding the BLM forests and wildlands.

2. If you have a business or profession, use your letterhead. Explain how your business, customers, and clients benefit from the natural amenities provided by the forests on BLM lands. Using info on the Take Action page, describe how natural resource protection is good for business and the economic future of the area.

3. Go back to the Take Action page and read up some more on issues to write about.

4. Ask for specific action from the person you are writing.





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