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"Education in the modern world was designed to further the conquest of nature and the industrialization of the planet. It intended to produce unbalanced, under-dimensioned people tailored to fit the modern economy. Postmodern education must have a different agenda, one designed to heal, connect, liberate, empower, create, and celebrate. Postmodern education must be life-centered." 
~David Orr
 Ecological Literacy: Education and the Transition to a Postmodern World

Aquatic Ecology field class with Dr. Jacob Kann.

         Welcome to Dakubetede Environmental Education Programs (DEEP), where we go DEEP into an education of activism and stewardship for these challenging times, learning about sustainable living, practicing a life of Deep Ecology.  DEEP programs are designed to inform and inspire your journey as you perceive your role in helping to shape a more humane and ecologically sustainable future. 
        The mundane and sometimes frustrating experience of teaching field courses in forestry, forest ecology, and botany at a "mainstream" university inspired me to create DEEP.  Decades of working in the field as a geologist, botanist, wildlife biologist, forester, and environmental activist added to the realization that the wild landscape provides the most relevant and exciting classroom. Indeed, here at DEEP, Wilderness is our Classroom & Nature is our Teacher.
        Enjoy exploring this DEEP website!  You will find information about our unique programs, internship opportunities, faculty, and our grass-roots conservation organization.  "
The Campus" introduces the rustic facilities and natural history of our campus, located on a historic homestead and former trout hatchery deep in the Siskiyou Mountains.
DEEP Ecostery" describes our 8-week residential intensive, a real-life training opportunity for environmental education, activism, and intentional community.  Here you'll find a description of the interdisciplinary curriculum, syllabi, and lots of photos. 
        Enjoy your visit here at DEEP, come back again soon, and please
share with us your comments, questions, and suggestions.

For the wildlands,
Chant Thomas
D.E.E.P. Founder and Director

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January 15, 2015

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