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D.E.E.P. Ecostery

Earth Stewardship, Conservation Activism,
& Sustainable Community Living Intensive

Ecostery Sessions for the upcoming year:
Autumn 2015: September 27 ~ November 21
Spring 2016: early April ~ late May (exact dates to be arranged)

Application and Details

Your first assignment is to create your personal D.E.E.P. Ecostery Application by writing a detailed letter of introduction, including all the information listed below.  Return this application information with a $200 application fee, which is applied to your tuition.  The application fee is fully refundable if you are not accepted.  We will accept applications through March 15 (Spring session) and September 1 (Autumn session). Applications are reviewed as received.  Applications received after the deadlines will be reviewed on a space-available basis.  Acceptance is based on the content and presentation of your application information and an interview, in person or by telephone. For applicants under age 21, we may also require a telephone interview with a parent. You will be notified of your acceptance by February 15 (Spring session) or August 15 (Autumn session), or as soon as possible if your application arrives later.  Upon acceptance, you will receive an acceptance packet with additional detailed information about the Ecostery.  Upon acceptance, your application fee is non-refundable and is fully applied as a deposit to your tuition. 

        Please begin your D.E.E.P. Ecostery Application using the following as a guide once you have read the Application Prerequisite.  The prerequisite is for your own personal use and should be given careful consideration.  If you have any questions, please contact us

Read and think about these items:

  • COMMUNICATIONS: your name, address, phone, FAX, email, Facebook, etc.
  • YOUR VITALS: birth date, gender (if not apparent from your name), physical condition (be sure to include allergies, recent surgeries, illnesses and special conditions we should know about here at this remote location).
  • YOUR EDUCATION: Students: your grade, major, institution, related experiences.
    Educators: your educational background, grade, subjects you teach.  Anyone else: how
    have you learned what you know?
  • YOUR FUTURE: what you expect from this program, and how you plan to use it in your education and work.  Where do you see yourself in a decade?
  • A DETAILED LETTER OF INTRODUCTION: including a statement of why you are choosing to experience this program now; who are your heroes; describe your close personal relationships; describe your present personal habitat and diet; personal and spiritual pursuits.
  • THREE LETTERS OF RECOMMENDATION: these should be sent separately by the writer and one should be from a professor, education or work suspervisor.
  • TWO WRITING SAMPLES: choose from journal, advocacy, research, or creative writing.
  • STATEMENT  OF INTENT: why you want to participate in the Ecostery.

Upon arrival at the Ecostery, participants will complete any paperwork necessary for being on the Land, and for obtainin g academic credit. You will receive a D.E.E.P. Registration Confirmation upon receipt of the balance of your Tuition, which is due September 15 (Autumn) or March 15 (Spring).

Write a check to "D.E.E.P." (Dakubetede Environmental Education Programs) for your instruction tuition, including housing, which totals $1150 undergraduate and $1550 graduate level, or $1000 for the no academic option; subtract your deposit from this amount.  Meals, books and equipment are not included.  Academic credit tuition and fees will be paid to your home school.

Refunds and Cancellations: 
        Once accepted, your application fee/tuition deposit is not refundable.  If you cancel your registration before March 15 (Spring) or September 15 (Autumn), you will be refunded your tuition minus the $200 deposit.  After that date we will no longer be able to give you a refund unless a suitable replacement can be found.  If the session is canceled for any reason by D.E.E.P., all D.E.E.P.tuition and fees will be refunded.

Ecostery Academic Standards
        The D.E.E.P. Ecostery is a challenging residential intensive!  We stress cooperation over competitiveness.  Ecostery experiences will prove valuable if your future includes working and/or living in a collective or team setting.  Readings and course work are extensive and faculty expectations are high.  Several hours of homework (reading, writing, journaling, research) are necessary each week to keep up with the rapid pace of the intensive.  Papers, projects, research, and oral presentations are part of the evaluation process.  Participants must be focused and highly motivated to compress the work of a typical 11-week quarter term into 8 weeks.  In addition, participants engage the equal challenges of living and working together as a community in Place.  Working on community process, household chores, preparing and cleaning up meals, and successfully meshing different personalities ~ all comprise portions of an intensive experiential curriculum, and are also a part of the evaluation process.

Financial Aid, Student Loans, Scholarships, Discounts
        If you are presently enrolled in a degree program and receive financial aid from your home campus, you should be able to use those funds for the D.E.E.P. Ecostery, which functions similar to a smeester abroad. Contact your financial aid office about having your financial aid sent directly to you or checks disbursed to D.E.E.P. as described above. You may need a letter from your academic advisor indicating your Ecostery credits will transfer into your transcript at your home campus.
     A $200 tuition discount is available to any participant who recruits another participant paying full tuition and fees. Maximum discount is $1,000 for 5 successful recruits. Partial work scholarships with D.E.E.P. may be available during the month prior to the beginning of the session. Scholarship amounts will vary according to work needs and availability of participants. The work will be on location at Birch Creek Arts & Ecology Center.

Prior to Arrival at Ecostery
1. Participants obtain all text books and read the following text prior to arrival: Wallace, David Rains. The Klamath Knot. San Francisco: Sierra Club Books, 1983.
Complete text listing will be included in the acceptance packet.
2. Participants will obtain all necessary equipment and supplies and personal gear. Complete list will be included in the acceptance packet.

We look forward to receiving your application!

P.O. Box 1330
Jacksonville, OR 97530

Please write "DEEP Application/Inquiry" in subject line of e-mail!

(541) 899-6906


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