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Environmental Ethics:
Practicing Deep Ecology

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HU402K:Environmental Ethics: Practicing Deep Ecology

        Do our personal choices help or hinder nature, and by effect, humankind? Our experiences connecting with nature, and our efforts working to protect nature, form the foundation for learning to develop our own personal code of ethics, a biocentric guide for our decisions of lifestyle as members of the planetary community. In this course we examine the size and impacts of our individual, group, and societal footprints on the planet.

        Our readings and discussions of ecocentric philosophy as applied to everyday life will form the basis for examining choices that lead to formation of a "deep ecology" personal code of environmental ethics. The connection between cultural patterns of consumption and the deterioration of planetary life support systems serves as a baseline for participants to examine the changes necessary to adopt "greener" lifeways.

        Discussions will revolve around these lifestyle choices regarding consumerism, energy use, dwelling, diet, occupations, organizations, parenting, activism, wilderness use, recycling, and health care. Your daily life together in the Ecostery will serve as a laboratory to experience some of these choices and options as potential components of your lifeways into the future. Examination of your consumption patterns, purchasing choices, and disposal/recycling will open the door to the experiential lessons.

        You will each research, prepare, and deliver three presentations detailing possible components of a deep ecology lifeway. You will deliver these presentations with limited time available, the typical situation in a professional setting. Being succinct is the key. Such presentations are gifts of your research, which nonetheless must be defended for relevancy and applicability.


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